The Latest

Consciousness by Ravi Dosaj available at Fathom-Art for viewing and purchase. In this new print series, Ravi Dosaj examines our awareness of an internal existence. Dosaj alerts us to the illusion, maya of our external lives and our perception. He shows us a different world of vibration, interaction and oneness.

The Ocean Art Project
"I want to convey a message of sustainability with my art. The negative impact of human activity is devastating our ocean, with alarming declines in sea life and the death of our reefs. A percentage of the proceeds generated by my art will go to The Ocean Cleanup. They pump the garbage (plastic) out of the ocean and construct these sunglasses from the waste collected. We need more ideas and mindsets like this to save the planet."

Creative Mindset

Ravi Dosaj is a founding partner and principle artist at SceneFour in Los Angeles. He has developed a unique visual language combining motion capture and extreme deconstruction to translate emotions, music performances and oneness.

Watch a new short video by Ravi Dosaj on mindset. At first glance, the visuals appear psychedelic and perhaps strange, but upon further study the imagery serves to retool and reorient the perception of viewers.